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EUROMETAL d.o.o. was founded in 2011 and registered for the development, production, sale and servicing of small agricultural machines. We inherited  the Standard MIO brand, well-known in the region and wider for its power tillers, water pumps and tractor sprayers. We started a successful cooperation with agricultural companies such as Same Deutz Fahr Žetelice d.o.o. from Županja, and automotive companies such as Multinorm d.o.o. from Cerna, for which we manufacture various sets and semi-finished products according to their drafts  and requirements.

The company consists of several units – production facilities where 80 employees are currently working. The main product of Eurometal d.o.o. are power tiller that make up more than 70% of total income, followed by gearboxes and gear shift parts (axles, gears, etc.). This is a produced for a well-known customers (Honda France, Emak Spa) which makes up for about 80% of the total income generated from the sale of products on the EU market.

The production program also includes the power tillers and power tiller attachments of the Standard MIO brand, water pumps (petrol powered and electric), tractor sprayers and hammer mills / corn shellers.

 Since the first day,our goal is to place products and services on market which differ in quality and accessibility from the competition and which are easily recognizable on the market.

We would like to become your partner if you have a need for specialized machining services, and if  you need to production or processing of metal products. Our job is to help you find a quality product services. Quality is the only way toward competitiveness, and we desire to be a reliable partner who delivers  quality products, fast service and competitive prices.

Individual approach to our clients is the basis of Eurometal’s business as well as solving issues to achieve the wants and unique needs of our customers. We thank the large trust shown by our suppliers and customers with hard work and constant improvement of our business. This is the reason why our mission is to be a reliable and long-term partner to all of our clients in the process of building their success . Our combined experience, ideas, persistence ,and knowledge will lead us to a common goal. Company plans for the future are: to keep current customers and find new ones, in line with the possibilities of production and market conditions, and to regain  the leading position for the production of small agricultural machines on the market.