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They are used for cultivating gardens, vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens as well as playgrounds. Their structure is adaptive and features a powerful engine. They are easily controlled and intended to be operated with attachments.

The power tiller is excellent for various kinds of terrain, with a maximum of about 35° ground incline for best results. The activation is easy and quick, it is only necessary to pull the starter cable. The throttle, which is mounted on the right of the steering wheel, adjusts the engine speed. It is quite easy to shift the gearshift lever, with the help of prominent labels. The steering wheel can be folded, and rotated backwards and forwards, in compliance to the user’s wishes or working conditions. It is possible to adjust the steering wheel heights in three levels as well as the left-to-right position. By releasing the safety clutch, the power tiller stops and thus ensures the working person’s safety. The power tiller also has a drag bar that facilitates cultivation. The engine, and all mobile parts, are covered to protect the user, and the exhaust guard ensures safe and secure work. The PTO can power various attachments (for example: connecting pumps, etc.).

The power tiller is used with attachments to perform the following tasks:

• Land preparation: plowing (plough and reversible plough) and Land mulching (culti rotary, mulcher)
• Transport (trailer)
• Snow cleaning (snow blade)
• Mowing (rotary, flail mower)
• Irrigation (connecting pump)
• Soil gathering and heaping (ridger)